DBS Racing

CAL-NEVA EXTREME Team Information 

Team Name: Fearless Fab Racing 2011 Season
Driver Name: Devin Hoglund City: Bellingham, WA
Spotter Name: Jeremy Benson City: Ferndale, WA
Class: Trail Mod Vehicle#: 426
Competition Stats: (below)  
2011 Cal-Neva Extreme Trail Mod series champions, competed in two 2010 CalRocs events.
Background: (below)  
Devin and Jeremy met building aluminum boats 10 years ago. Since then they've discovered their similar obsession with fabricating trucks for performance and durability, love of IPA, Tapatio, and the phrase, which is now their motto and team name, "Don't be scared."
Vehicle Specifications: 1985 Toyota SPONSORS:
Engine type & size: 22RE Master Pull
Front Axle: Toyota, Bobby Longs, Detroit, hydro assist Fearless Fabrication
Rear Axle: Toyota, Yukon Grizzly

Yukon Gear and Axle

Gear Ratio: 5.29 D.K. Diesel
Transfer Case: Crawlerbox Z's Recyclers
Tires, Brand, Size: 35" MTRs  
Misc: (below)  
18" SwayAway airshocks, driveline disconnect, cutting brakes  
Misc Information: (below)