CAL-NEVA EXTREME Team Information 

Team Name: Can-Rock 2011 Season
Driver Name: Denver Fleming City: Cold Lake Alberta Canadia
Spotter Name: Shaun Bootsma City: Petaluma, California
Class: Unlimited Vehicle#: 403
Competition Stats: (below)  
This will be my first US comp. Spotters second full season as a spotter, first time in the Unlimited class.
Background: (below)  
I have competed in the Canadian WE Rock comps and many local races over the last few years. I started wheeling the tractor when I was 8, rolled my first go-kart when I was 10 so I figured this was a good fit.
Vehicle Specifications: Durham Chassis SPONSORS:
Engine type & size: 3.8 GM Brink Fab
Front Axle: Solid 60 with longs
Rear Axle: Solid 60 with superiors/CTM's Altitude Adjustments
Gear Ratio: 6:17 Longfield
Transfer Case: Atlas 3.8 Masterpull
Tires, Brand, Size: 39" BFG Red's Longevity Welders
Seats: Mastercraft  
Misc: (below)  
Misc Information: (below)