Rock Hard

CAL-NEVA EXTREME Team Information 

Team Name: Team Rock Hard 2011 Season
Driver Name: Justin Hall City: Antioch, CA
Spotter Name: Mark Hall City: Antioch, CA
Class: Unlimited Vehicle#: 713
Competition Stats: (below)  
2009 Werock Stock Mod Champions, Won last Calroc donner event in 2010 in the Unlimited Class
Background: (below)  
Father Son team, probably one of the few that are out there. Started crawlin as a hobby, turned it into a life style. Been competeing for the last 4 years, in Calrocs and Werock.
Vehicle Specifications: SPONSORS:
Engine type & size: Turbo'd 2.2 Ecotec R&B Co.
Front Axle: Shaved 9" Rebellos Racing Engines
Rear Axle: Shaved 9" Raceline Wheels
Gear Ratio: 6:2  
Transfer Case: Atlas  
Tires, Brand, Size: 39" Krawlers  
Seats: MasterCraft  
Misc: (below)  
Misc Information: (below)